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Want to raise kids who follow Jesus, adore you, and treat their siblings like BFFs (without more stress, yelling, or timeouts to get it)?


Build deep connections with your kids + a family who loves God (+ each other) in only 30 minutes a week.


Even if your kids are doing “all-the-things” they’re “supposed to” (Homework done? Check. Room cleaned? Check), or you stifle the sibling rebellion (for a while), it doesn’t mean your children have a heart for you or God.

> When the kids are fighting for the 50th time that day.

> The floor you mopped at 10am is a mess by noon.

> And you’ve got a collection of half-started projects because the morning was spent intervening in catastrophes...

Where do you find that grace & rest Jesus promised?

With the TON of parenting books, seminars, magazines, and blogs we *should* see families filled with well-adjusted, loving kids, who are obedient, and who can think of nothing better than hanging with their siblings all day. Right?

So parents, what are we doing wrong??

  • Chore charts...
  • Checklists...
  • Planners...
  • Threats (“1-2-3!”)
  • Timeouts...
  • Taking toys or treats away...
  • Early bedtime...
  • Punishments…
  • Yelling...
  • Frustration…
  • Late night tears...

What if the very things everyone tells us to do actually pushes your child further away from you, their siblings & Jesus instead of drawing them closer?

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Let’s get real for a minute. If you had a whole day off, would you choose to spend the entire time with your family (no phones allowed)?

  • Do you love being with your kids?
  • Would you want to hang out together? (would they?)
  • Do they bless your life with their words, actions, and their very being?
  • In your eyes, are they smart, fun, beautiful, and spiritual?
  • Do they make you laugh, touch you to tears, and bless your soul daily?

Do you feel ashamed for answering “no” to any of those questions? (don’t, because if you did you’re 100% in the right place!)

If your child loves Jesus, what kind of decisions will they make?

If your marriage is strong & you work together, how will your family be impacted?

What if, even as a single or divorced parent, you knew you could make a massive shift at home?

When your kids trust you & believe you are for them, they listen so.much.better.

We believe that a Crazy Cool Family:

  • Pursues a relationship with Him and a relationship with our kids.
  • Loves instead of getting angry
  • Invests instead of neglects.
  • Believes instead of doubts.
  • Forgives instead of holding grudges.
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Hey there!

We’re Don & Suzanne Manning

Parents to the Many Mannings: Mollie, Madeline, Macy, McKenzie, Michael, Maddox, and McCade

We’ve been parenting for 30+ years (so we’ve got the practice down if nothing else)! With a family that size, we get a lot of funny let’s get some basics outta the way (in case you were wondering):

  • We’re not Mormon
  • We’re not Catholic
  • And yes, we do know what causes this :)

We can also tell you that Christmas morning in our house is a pretty special event. Well, more like organized chaos!

We have a tradition where each of our kids buy every one of their siblings a present. It doesn’t always involve a lot of money (it's the thought that counts) and each child opens every present with everyone watching. That’s 49 presents,

There’s a lot of paper all over the place and a lot of food (cinnamon rolls, sausage, muffins, eggs + fruit)...

And a lot of laughter.

We realized that our family had been blessed one Christmas when our children banded together to create a Manning Family Mission statement, had it framed on canvas, and surprised us with it:

Later on, we thought back on the day...

So many Christian families - and people we know - struggle in their marriages, broken relationships, teenage rebellion, and shattered family dreams.

Maybe you do, too. We see families, young and old, splintering all around us.

I asked God, how it is that some families have great relationships and great kids, and others...don’t. We’re not perfect and we’re overcoming issues daily but if He can do this for us with all our junk, then He can do it for anyone (even your family)!

We didn’t start with anything special but He gave us a family that is really special. We asked Him to show us how to share what He did in our lives with others.

And God reminded us of behaviors & characteristics that we’d seen in families we adored who went before us. Of moments & of choices we made along the way that had made us different.

HINT: It wasn’t the chore charts, the timeouts, or the yelling that worked.

These things might change behavior but it will never change hearts.

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We discovered three specific things that create a Crazy Cool Family where kids love their and respect their parents, who adore each other, and who are all-in for Jesus.




We’re far from perfect but by the grace of God we have raised seven kids who love Jesus, love each other, and - guess what - still love hanging out with us (even as adults).

And we think that's Crazy Cool. And if you think so, too, we’d love to welcome you along on the journey to creating a Crazy Cool Family no matter WHERE your family may be right now!

You will have a major impact on your family. It’s your choice what that impact will be.

Get ready to rethink + redo how you do family with...



The tried-and-tested online resource for parents who crave connection with their kids + want to build a family who loves Jesus (& each other) without yelling, controlling, or sending anyone to a time-out!


Perfect for:

Dads  |  Moms  |  Single/Divorced Parents  |  Grandparents  |  Soon-to-be Parents

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Just $49.99 one-time

Consider this your “tested in the trenches” guide to Christ-focused parenting that will take your family from overwhelmed to overjoyed.

  • Build up your children in God’s love so they willingly (& happily) choose to follow Jesus daily and seek His Will for their lives.
  • Feel confident that your kids will be equipped to make good choices in the future (and start making better choices right now).
  • Enjoy kids that respect & love (even like) you...without resorting to controlling or manipulating tactics #goodbyeeyerolls.
  • Foster a stronger love between siblings (even if they've n e v e r liked each other before).
  • Watch *all* your kids getting along (without threatening them for the billionth time!)
  • Raise more responsible kids who cheerfully + willingly take care of chores & homework (with zero begging + pleading from you).
  • Feel a sense of peace & calm in your home (without raising your voice, controlling behavior, or manipulating to get it).
  • Grow closer to your children (even if your relationships are hitting rock bottom & you feel like giving up).
  • Learn to lead your family even if you feel clueless right now (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered).

Watch your entire family undergo massive (dare we say, *miraculous*) transformation and create a home where everyone wants to hang out.


Course 1

The Big Picture

5 Videos

We all want our kids to make wise decisions on their own and to be overflowing with the love of Jesus...but how do we get them to that point? This is what we dig into in this course. Inside you’ll become your own family’s relationship expert, learning the two key words and three commitments that will change how you do family. You CAN change your family dynamic, and this 5-video course will kickstart your Crazy Cool Family journey.

  • Includes PDF transcripts to download & print so you can keep handy to review or highlight key takeaways from each module.
  • Plus, our Family Dashboard printable to put it on your fridge or turn into a phone screensaver. Adaptable to your family, whether you have 1 or many kiddos!
Course 2

Power of Encouragement

6 Videos

Our words are powerful, and how we use them in our parenting is very important. Our job is not to join with the world and tear our kids down but to choose to see our children as amazing because they already are (God made them)! It’s time to stop reacting in anger (pushing our children away) and learn a new method. In this 5-video course you’ll learn how to encourage extravagantly, correct carefully, and see your family flourish.

  • Includes PDF transcripts to download & print so you can keep handy to review or highlight key takeaways from each module.
  • Plus, an added video just for the kiddos & printable to help everyone join in your Crazy Cool Family journey!
Course 3

Relational Discipline

9 Videos

The goal of discipline is freedom. We want to build pathways of self-control so our kids can be free to make wise decisions on their own (no more nagging!). In this course, you’ll learn a strategy to make discipline something that brings life into your home without causing all kinds of conflict. We’ve used this method in our home with our seven children for almost 30 years and taught hundreds of parents how to implement it in this 9-video course.

  • Includes PDF transcripts to download & print so you can keep handy to review or highlight key takeaways from each module.
  • Plus, use the 7 Discipline Drivers & be amazed at how your kids respond!
Course 4

The Parent-to-God Relationship

4 Videos

Most see God as a distant being who is not pleased with them and must perform for in order to get His approval. But the Bible tells us God is the opposite of that: He is love (1 John 4:8). God is right here with us. Once we accept His free gift of salvation, He will always be pleased with us and we will never have to perform for Him (#truth). In this 4-video course about how much God loves you and how receiving that love will change your parenting.

  • Includes PDF transcripts to download & print so you can keep handy to review or highlight key takeaways from each module.
  • Plus, learn to distinguish the voice of God from the other thoughts in your head.
Course 5

Mastering the Parent-to-Kid Relationship

4 Videos

Having a great relationship with your children is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. Just because they are going through the “terrible two’s” or teen years doesn’t mean you can’t have a great relationship with them. Our children need us to bond with them but we have seen so many parents who have no idea how to connect with their kids. This 4-video course will give you some simple ways to create that connection.

  • Includes PDF transcripts to download & print so you can keep handy to review or highlight key takeaways from each module.
  • Plus, learn the Four Parent-to-Kid Relationship Goals so you can have a great relationship with your child at any age!
Course 6

The Power of Listening

4 Videos

Are you looking forward to the teenage years, or dreading them? Do you want to have fun with them, to be able to talk about life together? Do you hope they will seek your advice so you can help them? Of COURSE you do! Home is a safe haven where we wash the world off our children so we can send them out energized and refreshed. Faithful parents create safe havens while fearful parents drive their kids away. This 4-video course will help you create a home where you & your kids want to be.

  • Includes PDF transcripts to download & print so you can keep handy to review or highlight key takeaways from each module.
  • Learn how to parent without anger (& how to make it better when we mess up.
Course 7

Creating Unity in your Family

4 Videos

Isn’t it crazy how children (and spouses, for that matter) are so different in every family? Could it be God designed it that way? He did! And He wants to show you how to celebrate those differences and help very different people in your family work together toward common goals.

  • Includes PDF transcripts to download & print so you can keep handy to review or highlight key takeaways from each module.
Course 8

The Easiest Kids to Raise are Kids who LOVE JESUS

4 Videos

Enough said, right? In this module we show you how to show your kids a Jesus they want to follow with all their hearts for life.

  • Includes PDF transcripts to download & print so you can keep handy to review or highlight key takeaways from each module.
Course 9

Siblings as Best Friends

6 Videos

When siblings are best friends, it changes the whole dynamic of how your family interacts with each other. But, the battle between good & evil is at visible odds in our homes, especially between our kids. The enemy wants to create division by making you (+ your kiddos) see differences as hard and negative. This 6-video course will help create unity in your home, celebrate the God-designed differences & turn warring siblings into BFFs for life.

  • Includes PDF transcripts to download & print so you can keep handy to review or highlight key takeaways from each module.
  • Learn specific ways to inspire your oldest child to help!
Course 10


4 Videos

We’ve saved the best for last! A strong marriage helps create a firm foundation for a Crazy Cool Family. We end by sharing with you three decades of marriage experience to encourage your marriage relationship.

  • Includes PDF transcripts to download & print so you can keep handy to review or highlight key takeaways from each module.
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This is designed specifically for super-busy parents who don’t have time for another thing. You can TOTALLY jump in and go through the courses at your own speed, but the Daily Tips will help you to slow down and implement the process. The Daily Tips takes one course each month and divides it into four-week chunks, dripping out the entire course content weekly. With this method, 30 minutes a month (the time it takes to process the Daily Tips) to transform your family.


Binge-listen to our more than 250+ podcast episodes (& growing) right inside your Basecamp members area.



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We believe your family is worth investing in. Invest by joining our Crazy Cool Basecamp family today!

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