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 Here is your ticket to dramatically improving your parenting and family. 
Do you have one hour a week to invest in your family? We believe if you will give us one hour, we can encourage your heart, empower your mind, and equip your hands. We believe one hour a week can transform your family forever!

So, can we ask? Is your family worth that investment? 

If you’re new here, start with the Overview Trail. We share the key strategies and give you a foundation to build a Crazy Cool Family upon.

Then venture into the other Trails. Each Trail is eight weeks and only one hour or less per week. The Trails are packed with strategies you need to help raise kids who love Jesus, love each other, love you, and are ready to tackle everything this world has to offer them. 

Pick a trail and sign up today! 

Let the adventure begin!


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Don't know where to start? If you're new, the Overview Trail is the path for you!

Overview Trail

This 8 week "hike" is going to inspire your heart and challenge your hands. it will give you the tools to take your family from cool... to CRAZY cool.

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Relationship Trail

Do your relationships need some help? God designed relationships to thrive, not survive! This trail commits you to 8 weeks of investing in your relationships.

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Culture Trail

Building culture is no small mountain. It takes commitment, guts, and investment. Let's see what God does with your YES to building culture.

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Pick the Way You Walk!

The Trails are designed with you in mind!

Here are two ways you can explore the trails:

The Individual's Path

Do the Trails on your own! 

A step-by-step guide: 

  1. Set aside a one-hour session or two 30-minute sessions for the week. Put them in your calendar! This is an important appointment! 
  2. Go to the Trails Page to access your content for the week.
    • Have a journal ready to write down key insights. 
  3. Open up your Trail Guide for the week. 
  4. Read through the Trail Guide and watch the short videos.  
  5. Write down, in your journal, any key insights.  
Extra credit! Share what the Lord said to you with your spouse or a close friend. 

If you want us to send you a weekly encouraging reminder email, pick a trail and sign up above! This allows us to connect with you every week on your eight-week journeys to parenting greatness!

The Community Path

Do the Trails with a friend! 

  1. Set aside a 1 to 1 ½ hour session with your friend or group. Same time each week!
    • Tell everyone to bring a journal to the meeting. 
  2. Encourage everyone to go to  the Trails Page to access the content for the week.
    • If you want our help with a weekly email, have everyone go to the Sign Up button on the page and sign up on the same day. Then everyone will get an encouraging weekly email from us on the same day each week (starting seven days from when everyone signs up). 
  3. At your meeting, we encourage you to watch the videos as a group.
    • It may be a repeat for some who went through it during the week, but having everyone watch it will help facilitate discussion.  
  4. Use the Trail Guide and the Discussion Questions (located in Basecamp on each video page) to ask questions to your group. 
  5. Encourage everyone in your group to write down in their journal any key insights.  

This is AMAZING material for small groups, bible study groups, or any gathering of Jesus-focused believers who want to learn about parenting!

Have Questions about the Trails?

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